How to Make Videos Loop on Instagram Story?

Instagram story posts have exploded in popularity, allowing users to share their creative endeavors with a massive online audience instantly.

The capability to let videos loop fluidly is an enthralling tool that adds a level of interest to your Stories. If you want your films to stand out and impact your audience, try using a looping feature on Instagram.

Looping videos are a great way to show off special and attractive landscapes, promote a product, or inject some personality into your Stories. To help you stand out in the noisy online world, we’ve developed this guide on making eye-catching loops for Instagram Stories.

With these easy steps, you can make your Instagram Stories more interesting and memorable by using looping videos to grab your audience’s attention.

Let’s get down to discover and find out how to make videos loop on Instagram story?

What is the video loop on Instagram?

Instagram video loops play a video clip continuously, giving a smooth and repeating watching experience.

A looped video automatically resumes after playing, enabling it to repeat indefinitely. Users can loop intriguing moments in Instagram Stories, making this feature popular.

Looping videos on Instagram can improve visual appeal, engage viewers, and leave a lasting impression.

The video loop function makes Instagram’s platform more immersive and interactive, whether utilized for creative storytelling, product highlights, or beautiful vistas.

Step-by-step guide for making videos loop on the Instagram story?

Looping videos for your Instagram Story is an excellent method for grabbing attention and enhancing the visual attractiveness of the information you provide on the platform.

These detailed instructions will walk you through the process of making videos repeat without interruption on your Instagram Story:

·        First, open Instagram & go to Your Story.

Swipe right to access the Stories camera or press on your profile image to launch the Instagram app on your mobile device.

·        Second, choose or record your video.

You CAN either hold down the capture button to start recording a new video or swipe up on the screen to choose an existing movie from your camera roll.

·        Third, finish editing your video.

Press the smiling face symbol in the screen’s upper-right corner to open the sticker menu once you’ve chosen or recorded your video. Pick the “Music” sticker from the “Stickers” menu.

·        Fourth, include a musical track

To enhance your video, go to the music sticker menu and look for a little musical track or sound effect. Choose music that is slightly longer than your video’s running time.

·        Fifth, decide where to put the music.

You can choose the lyric to use in your video by dragging the slider once you’ve selected the music. Pick a smooth transition segment to ensure the music loops without a hitch.

·        Sixth, Make your Story exact.

After you’ve placed and adjusted the music, you can add text, stickers, or drawings to your Story to make it even more unique.

·        Seventh, disseminate your looping video

If you’re happy with your edited looping video, you can share it with your followers by clicking the “Your Story” button.

·        Eighth, see the Story looped.

View your Story after publishing to make sure the video plays continuously. Your viewers will be able to watch the video indefinitely on Instagram.

By adhering to these guidelines, you can make looping videos for your Instagram Story that are visually beautiful and interesting, producing an impression that leaves a lasting impression on your followers.

What are the advantages of making videos loop on Instagram stories?

The ability to create looping videos on Instagram Stories has several benefits that can improve the quality of your content and the level of interaction you have with your audience:

1.      Instagram Stories with looping videos are likelier to be seen by viewers since they captivate their interest as they scroll. Users are likelier to stop and watch your material because of its repetitious nature.

2.      Amaze your audience and keep them watching for longer with the enhanced engagement capability of continuous playback. Likes, comments, and shares might rise due to this heightened involvement.

3.      Better brand recall is one benefit of looping videos on Instagram. Restating your message increases the likelihood that viewers will recall it and link it to your brand.

4.      Looping is a great tool for drawing attention to a certain part of your video or highlighting a particularly impressive scene. Whether you’re promoting a product, a breathtaking landscape, or an upcoming event, the loop will help showcase your content’s best features.

5.      The impact on Story can be amplified by skimming videos when done so effectively. A rhythmic and memorable story that hits home with viewers results from repeatedly presenting the same scenario or message.

6.      Using looping videos on Instagram allows for a great deal of creative freedom. Try some loops and show off your creative side; they’re a fun and easy way to spice up your Instagram Stories.

7.      Because Instagram’s algorithm gives more weight to posts with more likes, comments, and shares, videos that loop may end up further down the Stories stream, where more people might see them.

8.      Videos that loop can grab people’s attention on a site where they scan through content rapidly. Users may be enticed to pause and interact with your Story due to the repeating action.

9.      Looping videos on Instagram can be a great method for companies to showcase their goods or services. Ensure your audience doesn’t miss vital facts by showing key features in a loop.

10.  Instagram Stories with looping videos stand out from the crowd because of the visual intrigue and energy they provide to your content. Your profile and posts will stand out more to your followers if you do this.


To take your content production and engagement on Instagram to the next level, you must learn how to make videos loop on Instagram Story.

With the help of the given instructions, you can easily add looping videos to your Instagram Stories, which will grab people’s attention and make an impact. Incorporating looping videos has several benefits that make it a crucial element in the dynamic world of social media.

These include higher exposure, more interaction, and better brand memory. Remember that Instagram’s ever-changing dynamic promotes originality and creativity as you experiment with different loops to display your experiences, goods, or stories.

Leverage the power of looping videos to captivate your audience visually, convey intriguing Stories, and stand out. With these abilities, you’re ready to turn your Instagram Stories into something your followers will remember and even be inspired by.

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