How to See Who Clicked Your Link on Instagram Story?

Instagram continues to be a captivating environment where countless users engage and share their routines. The platform’s features, like Instagram Stories, have transformed the way we connect and communicate. Among the intriguing aspects of this popular social media platform is the ability to share clickable links within your Stories. Have you ever wondered how to see […]

Instagram Story Blocked In 71 Countries; Reasons & Solutions

Instagram, a global phenomenon in the world of social media, has recently encountered a widespread challenge. The platform’s beloved feature, Instagram Stories, has found itself blocked in a staggering 71 countries. As avid users of this platform, we find ourselves grappling with a multitude of questions. What has led to this extensive restriction? What does it […]

How to change the photo shape in your Instagram story?

Now more than ever, people are turning to Instagram Stories to broadcast their everyday activities, thoughts, and creations to their followers. While it’s simple to include photos in your Stories, the default square form may not always work for the photos’ content or your aesthetic goals. Fortunately, Instagram provides a number of creative options, including […]

How to Ask for Song Suggestions on Instagram Story & Post?

Instagram lets users talk to their networks privately and publicly. Instagram now offers “stories,” which lets users post short videos to their followers for 24 hours. These stories and posts can be used to gather opinions on many subjects, including music. Instagram music suggestions are sought by many. The social networking site contains sticker galleries […]