Do Instagram Video Views Show Who Viewed?

Instagram is relying more and more on its video content than ever. This is undeniable, and it can be seen through the statistics of this platform, such as Instagram Video Insights.

On Instagram, you can share your videos in 2 methods: One of the ways you can share slide videos as a post, or you can create reels, which is more exciting.

In this part, we’re going to discuss how to check video viewers on Instagram, and all of us need to know who can see our Instagram video views, to first track our progress and spot our weaknesses and second to know the target users’ tastes.

Be careful that observing viewers and tracking Instagram video analytics is so easy, so let’s know more about this life-changing content.

Can you see who views your Instagram videos?

If you use Instagram to develop your business or reach the target audience, you must maximize your performance on the platform, which requires data collection.

One of the most important pieces of information is the number of users who view your posts and watch your videos.

So, to continue, let’s go to see how we can track the view of Instagram videos:

1.    How to check views on Instagram Reels?

When a user shares a video on their account, others will be able to view their video, share their comments, like or save it.

Every account manager will be able to see the number of likes, and number of views, or comments.

Now consider you have an Instagram account and you just have shared a Reel and eagerly are waiting to see who will view your Reel.

Again, you can see users who are liking or commenting, but it is not possible to view the viewers on Instagram Reels Insight.

You can only find out how many users have already watched Instagram videos, only the number and not the accounts.

This does not mean that with every view from the same user, the number will be increased. Each view only counts one duo to Instagram video views privacy.

The “engagement” that is visible on the Reels insight is the number of views with the same account viewing it more than once.

As you might already know, there are 2 ways to track the views on your Instagram Reel:

1.      Find your Reel and tap the number beneath the like icon on the right side of your screen to see who has seen and engaged with the Reel. You can check the number of the Reel was seen and how many likes it got.

2.      The second method is heading to insight. In this one, you need to find the Reels section on your profile, then select the Reel you’d like to view its insight. Above the caption of the Reel that you have shared, select View Insights.

Now, what if we share a video and not a reel? Let’s see the explanations.

2.    How to check views on Instagram video posts?

Video view count on Instagram is important, whether on reels or Instagram posts. As previously stated, you cannot see who views your Instagram video postings. Nevertheless, by following these procedures, you may continue to acquire certain vital data.

If you want your Instagram video viewers to be revealed, you can follow the steps below:

1.      After launching the app and entering your profile, find the video you want to see the viewers of it and open it as an individual post.

2.      Below the video, you’ll find your overall number of views and additionally the number of likes.

3.       When you click on that number, you’ll get a list of people who liked the video. You can assume that such individuals have seen your video.

However, you have to know that if someone watches your video but does not click on the “Like,” you will never know if they watched the Instagram video you have shared or not.

All in all, you can only see the people who liked your video or Reel and only see the number of those who have viewed them.

Thus, the answer to the “Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Videos?” is a solid no!

So why are Instagram users so obsessed with finding out who viewed their Instagram videos?

Because everyone on this platform knows the key to growth and expansion is gaining more engagement, that is why everyone is so obsessed with Instagram statistics.

If you want to know what people like and to which content they are attracted, you need to track your video insights.

Is there any third-party app to show who viewed my Instagram video?

Many apps are claiming to show you more statistics, but we do not recommend them for your account’s safety.

Consider the application works so well, and there is nothing wrong with it. But remember, the majority of the time; it does nothing more than collect your data.

Instagram policies are based on the satisfaction of users, and if it were a vital metric, they would include it in the insight section.

In conclusion

Instagram only shows you the number of viewers and the users that liked your videos, no matter it is Reels or simple Instagram videos.

In our point of view, only knowing the statistics would be enough to observe our content progress. More specifically, you can see the number of plays for the videos that you are sharing on Instagram.

Do you want to know who has viewed your Instagram video or Reel? Why is that important for you?

Do you really think finding out who has viewed your Instagram videos is important to your activity?

Please share your ideas on this matter, and if there is anything that we didn’t mention, remind us in the comments.

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