How Do You Repost on Instagram Without Losing Likes?

A well-planned strategy for keeping engagement high when resharing engaging content is essential for Instagram reposting without losing likes.

The standard procedure is to make a copy of the original post, add a descriptive title and appropriate tags, and then post it to Instagram or another app.

This will make sure that your profile’s content flows smoothly. Some users prefer specialized reposting programs for extra convenience, while others prefer laborious techniques like snapping screenshots.

Never plagiarize someone else’s work; properly attribute each piece using tags or captions.

If you follow these procedures, sharing interesting pieces with your audience will be a breeze, and you may build relationships without losing the engagement that the original material received.

So, are you concerned about how to repost on Instagram without losing likes? Do not worry at all, and follow us to continue.

Can you repost on Instagram without losing likes?

If you want to repost an Instagram photo without losing likes, you can do so using Instagram’s built-in tools or downloading an app. So, the answer to this question is yes, but now you are wondering how?!

Let’s go to dive into the steps and details:

Reposting on Instagram without losing likes: Step-by-step guide

Using Instagram’s built-in functionality or an external program, you can repost your Instagram content without losing likes. We’ve laid down the process for you here:

1.   Making Use of Instagram’s In-Navigation Tools

  • Capture or Save the Content: Navigate to the first Instagram post. Capture the image or record the video and save it on your device.
  • Create a new post: To start an Instagram post, open the app and hit the “+” button. Choose to use the captured image or stored text in a new post.
  • Create a Unique Caption: Rewrite the post’s caption, including pertinent references or hashtags.
  • It is optional to tag the original poster. Include a citation for the original poster if it applies to your new post.
  • Post: Promote your latest profile update by sharing it.

2.   Making Use of Third-Party Tools

  • Choose and Download a Reposting App: Find a trustworthy app for reposting (like Repost for Instagram) and install it on your iOS device or Android smartphone by going to the respective app stores.
  • Log In to Your Instagram Account: Launch the app to repost and sign in using your Instagram account.
  • Find the Original Post: Find the original post you want to republish using the app.
  • Repost the Content: Follow the app’s instructions to add the material to your Instagram feed.
  • Edit Caption (Optional): You may alter the caption in certain applications before reposting. Change whatever needs changing.
  • Post: Wrap up the procedure of reposting using the app.

What are the important tips about reposting on Instagram without losing likes?

When it comes to reposting on Instagram without losing likes, here are some crucial guidelines to keep in mind:

  • The first tip about reposting on Instagram without losing likes is to always credit the original poster in your caption. You can do this by acknowledging their contribution to the content and identifying their username in the post.
  • Make sure that the first post is not made private before you continue. It is not possible to republish private posts unless the owner of the account gives their approval to your follow request.
  • Before reposting anything from an account you do not administer, it is best practice to acquire permission from the original author. This is particularly important regarding user-generated content or material protected by content rights.
  • When utilizing applications from third-party developers to Instagram reposting without losing engagement, it is important to choose trusted ones to keep your account secure. Additionally, the content that you repost may be accompanied by a watermark. Therefore, it is recommended that you check the app’s settings or choose applications that enable you to remove the watermark.
  • Create an original and interesting caption to repost on Instagram without losing likes. Contributing your point of view or posing a question can effectively maintain or even increase interest and stimulate conversation.
  • Check to see that the information republished is consistent with your posts’ typical tone and style. A consistent approach helps you preserve your business’s image and maintain your audience’s interest.
  • Instagram’s terms of service and community rules, as well as any revisions to third-party applications that you can use, should be checked regularly to ensure compliance and prevent any problems from occurring.
  • Respond to comments on your republished content to retain engagement and likes while reposting on Instagram. Interacting with your audience demonstrates that you value their participation and contribute to developing a community around your profile.
  • Take note of your post analytics to understand how the information that has been republished is doing. If you do this, you can get insights into what connects with your audience and use that information to guide your future content strategy.
  • To preserve likes when resharing on Instagram, use hashtags pertinent to your republished material to boost its discoverability. This can increase interaction and guarantee that a larger audience sees your content.


To sum up, a considerate and tactful strategy is needed to repost content on Instagram without losing likes. You can keep the peace on Instagram by referencing the source, considering individuals’ privacy settings, and asking for permission when needed.

The reposts will be more successful if you use trustworthy applications, provide interesting captions, and maintain a consistent posting style.

Keeping up with the latest terms of service and community rules is essential for keeping compliant as social media networks change.

Keeping likes and building a community are two goals you can achieve with these tactics: increasing interaction with your Instagram posts. Reposting can be a powerful tool for community development and content curation

 when done with care and honesty.

So, are you a fan of Instagram?

If you answer yes, tell us you repost Instagram content without losing likes. What are the benefits of that for your Instagram account?

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