How to Check Liked Reels on Instagram?

Instagram is becoming much more than simply a place to post images online. Now that Instagram has introduced Reels, people from all walks of life may watch short, interesting films made by someone in their neighborhood.

You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re a regular Instagram user who has been wondering how to maintain tabs on the Reels you’ve liked.

Follow along as we show you how to use the Liked Reels feature, create playlists, and get the most out of your experience on the site.

So, to continue, be with us to discover the fact that “How to check liked Reels on Instagram?”

Where to find liked Reels on Instagram?

Find like Reels watching in the past is a simple approach. Instagram includes a specific area that will save all of the content that you have liked on the platform.

This not only contains photographs but also any Reels that you felt to be funny or entertaining.

·        Accessing the Instagram mobile app.

To begin, open the Instagram app on your mobile device. You need to be logged in to use any of the functions.

·        Invoking the ‘Activity’ menu.

The ‘Activity’ tab, which can be found in the screen’s footer, is shaped like a heart. If you click it, you’ll get a timeline of your most recent interactions, such as likes, comments, and new followers.

·        Trying to locate the ‘Reels’ section.

The ‘Reels’ subtab can be found inside the ‘Activity’ menu. Click the “Reels” button to see a list of your favourite Reels.

If you follow these easy steps, you’ll be able to quickly find the Reels on Instagram that you’ve liked in the past and enjoy them again.

The ‘Reels’ area under the ‘Activity’ tab is a one-stop shop for all the Reels you’ve loved, making it easy to watch and interact with your top picks in the short-form video genre.

How do you sort & organize liked Reels on Instagram?

Enhancing your Instagram experience can be as simple as sorting and organizing your liked Reels. Instagram allows its users to easily organize and keep track of the items they’ve liked.

Here is a detailed instruction manual for arranging your most-watched Instagram Reels:

·        First, classifying similar Reels.

Instagram lets you sort your liked Reels into collections depending on what you’re into. Create your categories such as “Funny,” “DIY,” “Travel,” or any topic that matches your taste.

·        Second, creating collections for easy access.

By creating a collection, you can organize your liked Reels into a single location. You can make a new collection by going to your profile, clicking on “Saved,” and then clicking the “+” symbol.

·        Thirdly, incorporating Reels into archives.

Tap the bookmark symbol that appears when you locate a reel you’d want to preserve. Select an existing collection or make a new one to store the Reel in.

·        Fourth, handling the collections.

Modify or eliminate collections as required. To see your collections, go to your profile, choose “Saved,” and then click “Collections.” You have the option to delete, rename, or relocate collections here.

·        Five, using the predefined groupings option.

Instagram also has predefined groups for users to share their content, such as “Art,” “Fashion,” and “Music.” Browse the various sections and save your liked reels there.

·        Six, conveniently getting to like Reels.

Tap the profile’s three horizontal lines in the upper right corner to see all the reels you’ve liked. To see all of your saved stuff, including the reels you’ve liked, go to “Saved,” then “All.”

·        Seven, discovering genres of Reel to watch.

The Explore tab on Instagram is where you can find fresh content based on the Reels you’ve already liked. Select the “Reels” tab after tapping the “Magnifier” symbol to browse information based on your preferred interests.

·        Eight, taking Reels off favourites.

Repeatedly tapping the bookmark symbol will remove the Reel from your list of likes. This helps you maintain order in your favoured section by only including items you really want to read again.

·        Nin, finding liked Reels by Searching for Them.

Instagram’s search feature allows users to locate Reels they’ve liked by searching for relevant keywords or hashtags. This is especially beneficial if you have a significant collection of loved stuff.

·        Ten, adjusting personal privacy settings.

Verify that your Liked Reels privacy settings are configured the way you would want them to be. You may limit access to your preferred content by changing your account settings.

As well as improving your Instagram experience by making it easier to locate stuff you like, arranging your liked Reels can also make the app seem more tailored to your tastes. Use these tools to your advantage to create a curated collection of your preferred stuff.


Your experience on social media will seem more customized as a result of your ability to navigate Instagram’s Reels and organize the ones you enjoy there.

You will find an easy method to recall beloved memories and interact with interesting information if you enter the ‘Reels’ area located inside the ‘Activity’ tab of the interface.

Your experience on Instagram will be further enhanced by the fact that you may customize your privacy settings, fix problems, and actively participate in the Reels community.

Therefore, go ahead and explore, and make the most of the Reels that you like to develop a digital presence that is both dynamic and engaging.

So, what do you think of our method of finding the liked Reels on Instagram?

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