How To Delete Instagram Reel Drafts?

Instagram Reels is the most popular way to share your videos with your followers on Instagram, and it gives you the most engagement and account reach. Instagram Reels offer a lively tool for all users to create and share engaging content and gain more followers.

It allows you to create, save, and even draft your content for a limited amount of time if you don’t want to share your Reel right away.

However, there are some times that you may create a draft of your Reel that you no longer want to share with your audience. In this article, we will show you how to delete your Instagram Reel drafts with some simple steps.

If you find yourself wondering how to delete Instagram Reel drafts, you’re in the right spot. We will try to walk you through the step-by-step process to remove your drafts in the section below, so let’s get started.

First, let’s see how you can access your Reel draft.

How To Access Your Instagram Reel Drafts? A step-by-step guide

Before deleting any Reel draft, you have to know where they are saved! To spot them, you can follow the steps below and see what Reels you have saved and which ones you want to be gone.

To access the Reels that you have Drafted, you have to:

1.      Head to your app and log in to your Instagram account.

2.      In the row below, you will see different options, like your profile, explore, feed and share a new post which has a plus sign icon.

3.      Tap on it as you want to share a new post and change the toggle to “Reels.”

4.      On the Reels section, you will see 5 options at the top of the screen (above your gallery).

5.      You can see the option “Drafts,” which has a + icon.

6.      Here, you can access all the drafts that you have saved so far

The drafts section keeps your content only for 14 days, and after that, your Reel will be gone. Now, how to delete Instagram Reel drafts?

Other that the instruction we mentioned above, you can access and delete your daft Reel in another way. Follow the steps below.

How to Delete the Reels in your Drafts from Your Profile?

·        Method one

1.      On the Instagram app, head to your profile page.

2.      Tap on the plus shape icon in the top right corner of your profile.

3.      On the pop-up menu, you have to Select Reels from the options.

4.      In this part, after tapping on the draft icon, you have to find the draft you want to delete

5.      Now tap on the three dots next to the Reel draft, and the “Delete” option will appear.

6.      Select “Delete.”

7.      Finally, confirm that you want to delete your created draft.

·        Method two

There is another faster method to delete your draft; just take a quick look at it:

1.      On Instagram, tap on your profile photo and your page; you will see 3 options: your feed, Reels, and posts that you are tagged in.

2.      Select the middle option, which is the specific place of your Reels.

3.      The drafts also appear here! Do not hesitate. No one can see them!

4.      Tapping on the drafted Reel simply guides you to a page where you can delete it!

We think this one is the easiest and the most convenient way of deleting the Instagram Reel draft.

Vital Tips for Avoiding Reel Draft Disorder: Benefits of Deleting Drafts

It is a good practice to delete any Instagram Reel drafts that you no longer want to post for your followers. Keeping your drafts organized makes not filling your cache and a smooth exploring experience on this app.

To manage your Instagram Reel draft, you can pay attention to the tips below:

·         Do some regular Cleanups: Occasionally check and delete unneeded instagram drafts to keep your workspace arranged.

·         Save the Reel Before Leaving: To prevent losing your Reel content, save your drafts before leaving the editing procedure.

·         Don’t keep a draft for too long: If you decide to save a draft, think whether you want to resume editing it or if it’s ready to go to your feed.

Important point: Just keep in mind that deleted drafts can NOT be recovered, so think carefully before deleting them from the drafts section.

In the end

We hope this article was a helpful guide for Instagram users to learn how to delete Instagram Reel drafts.

By following the above-mentioned simple steps, you can effortlessly navigate through your Instagram Reel drafts and delete what’s no longer needed. Doing so makes you present a refined and engaging collection of Reels to your audience later.

Suppose you save all the unnecessary Reels to your drafts. In that case, it not only prevents you from enhancing your work but also contributes to a visually unappealing and messy Instagram profile for you.

Just know that an organized, creative space can lead you to create the most unique and captivating Reel content on Instagram.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to leave a comment below. Until the next post, try to organize your Instagram by deleting unwanted Reel drafts!

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