How to Download an Instagram Story Without Stickers?

Consider that your favorite travel influencer posts a story from a picturesque place on Instagram.

You want to remember the breathtaking landscape, inspirational events, and helpful travel recommendations.

But distracting stickers, emoticons, and text make it less fun. How about setting the shared picture as your background? Bad idea to use emojis!

Would you want to download Instagram stories without the bothersome stickers and overlays? This detailed guide will teach you, and this advice will help you avoid annoying interruptions and preserve your favorite story.

The tips above will help you clean up any Instagram story, whether you’re using it for personal or corporate reasons.

How to remove stickers from Instagram stories?

In the following section, we are going to introduce some of the paid and free tools and apps you can use to remove stickers and save Instagram stories without stickers.

What are the Instagram story sticker removal tools?

1.    Adobe Photoshop: Stamp Tool

Use Photoshop as an IG story sticker remover. The only drawback of using this method is the necessity of a basic understanding of Adobe Photoshop.

Applying the Clone Stamp Tool in Adobe Photoshop, you are able to manually or even automatically get rid of Instagram stickers.

Adobe Photoshop stands out as one of the world’s most advanced image editing software. With the help of Adobe Photoshop’s clone stamp tool, you can effortlessly omit any unwanted Instagram stickers.

2.    Snapseed

Snapseed, developed by Google, is a versatile and powerful tool for mobile photo editing, whether you’re a casual photographer or a professional.

Its combination of user-friendly features and professional-level editing tools makes it a favorite among mobile photographers and enthusiasts.

It is available for both iOS and Android devices, and they can explore over 30 editing tools for their pictures and videos, which you can use as an Instagram story sticker extractor.

3.    Download TouchReTouch (Only iPhone users)

You can use TouchReTouch to remove stickers from Instagram story downloads. Another popular way for iOS users is using the TouchRetouch app, which is primarily used to remove stickers from Instagram photos.

This app is paid, and you have to purchase it for $1.99 on the app store. It is worth the cost since the TouchRetouch app automatically removes unwanted objects. This app is probably the most popular app to edit photos for iPhone users.

4.    4. Photoshop Lightroom

To have the Instagram story downloaded free of stickers, the other recommendation is this software, which is a version of Photoshop.

However, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is an in-app photo manager that can be a great choice for phone users.

With Adobe Lightroom, you can have a sticker-free Instagram story, but before that, you have to pay for it.

5.    Pictish

With a highly impressive 4.7 rating on the Google Play Store, PicWish PicWish stands out as an AI-driven photo editing key that provides both mobile app and software.

You can clean Instagram story download from any stickers or emojis. Within PicWish, you cannot only eliminate stickers but also alter or replace backgrounds in your photos. Additionally, it includes image compression services.

To use these 5 apps and software, you have to:

·         Open the Instagram app and then locate the user whose story you want to download.

·         View the story and take a screenshot.

·         After that, you can use one of the photos above editing apps to remove the unwanted stickers. Then save it on your device.

Now, we want to introduce some of the online tools if you don’t want to pay or download any app on your device or phone.

Removing stickers from Instagram story downloads online

To omit stickers and overlays from an Instagram story, other than that tool that you have to download, you can use online platforms and avoid unnecessary cache use.

·        Fotor: An online editing tool

Free-to-use sticker removal online tool has image editing features all in one, so you can get an Instagram story without bothering stickers. This platform is a comprehensive tool that helps you make collages, resize, and crop images.

To save your Instagram story clean version on Fotor, all you need to do is take these simple actions:

·         At first, you have to upload the Instagram story you want to remove the stickers

·         Select the feature that removes unwanted objects

·         Adjust and make all final changes

·         And then save it in your gallery.

All of these apps and tools can come in handy when a user wants to save Instagram stories without overlays and stickers. Just make sure you know how to use them to create a cleaner version of the picture.

In the end

All in all, learning how to download Instagram stories without stickers opens up new possibilities for keeping or sharing some memorable moments with clarity. Whether you choose to use the manual editing method or explore the use of third-party apps to remove Instagram stickers, just remember to respect the privacy and content rights of Instagram users.

Remember to be careful and thoughtful when sharing them or using the photos, and 100% mention the user who created the content first.

Accepting these moral etiquettes, you can go ahead and start downloading the captivating stories of the travel influencer I mentioned in the beginning. Would you like to download an IG story without overlays?

Do you know any other way of saving Instagram stories without overlays? Please share them with us and start a conversation.

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