How to Fix Search in Conversation Not Showing on Instagram?

Search in conversation is a great and handy feature on Instagram as we not only use this app for sharing content, but most of the time, we text our friends, and there are lots of important data!

For sure, it has happened to you that sometimes, in a situation, you can’t find a specific message in an Instagram conversation.

If so, you’re not alone. Many Instagram users have reported that this feature in Instagram DMs is not working properly. This can be not very pleasant, specifically if you need to find an important message quickly.

This article will show you how to fix the search feature in Instagram Direct. We will also discuss some of the causes of this problem. Let’s see what is going on.

Can’t find the search bar in Instagram DMs: How to fix it?

The search bar is real life saver only if it works. In this section, we added the solutions to fix this feature on Instagram and use search in conversation when needed. This problem often has different roots from bugs or outdated Instagram versions.

Now that we’ve identified the potential culprits let’s move on to the solutions:

·        Solution 1: Update your Instagram app

If something is new on Instagram and most users don’t have access to it, they can solve this problem by updating the app from the app store or Google Play. Instagram search in conversation not working for specific accounts can only have one answer, and that is not having an updated app.

So, the first and most important way to find the search bar is:

        i.            Head to your app store or Google Play on your device

       ii.            On the update list or the apps list, search for Instagram

     iii.            Hit the “Update” button next to it and wait for the installation.

If instead of “Update,” you say “Open,” it means that your Instagram is updated, and you should find another solution.

·        Solution 2: Clear the Instagram cache

If the first solution didn’t work, here is another method to get rid of this problem, and that is to clear your Instagram cache.

To clear out your Instagram cache, do the following steps:

        i.            If you are an Android user, you have to go into your device settings and then find the apps section.

       ii.            On the screen, you have to locate Instagram.

     iii.            Open the Instagram settings; you will see options to force close, clear data, and clear cache.

     iv.            You will select the option to clear the cache.

Clearing your cache is a quick fix for any application, including Instagram, to show the search bar in your DMs.

Now, for iPhone users, clearing the cache might be challenging, so let’s do it:

        i.            Head to your device’s Settings app.

       ii.            Scroll down to find the “Apps” or “Application Manager” option.

     iii.            Find Instagram.

     iv.            Select the “Storage” or “Clear Data.”

       v.            And finally, confirm to clear the cache by choosing the “Clear Cache” option.

Hope this option works for you. If it does not continue to the next one that we have mentioned below.

·        Solution 3: Fix your internet connection

Changing from utilizing the phone’s data connection to using Wi-Fi is a simple process. Use a VPN and watch your IP address.

Instagram can become suspicious if your IP address changes too often, which might affect the performance of your app. Another possible explanation for Instagram Direct’s missing search bar is this.

Find out whether your internet connection is weak and fix it; if it is, try turning off and then turning on your WIFI again to see if it helps.

·        Solution 4: Reinstall Instagram after uninstalling

This method also makes your cache clear, so some might find it useful. The only drawback of this solution is you need to remember the Instagram password to log into your account easily.

To reinstall the Instagram application:

        i.            After uninstalling the app from your device.

       ii.            Head to the app store and reinstall Instagram.

     iii.            Finally, log into your account and see if Instagram chat search is working on your app or not.

Now, for the next fix tip, you can contact the Instagram Support team and inform them that the Instagram search bar is not showing for you.

·        Solution 5: Reach The Instagram Support Team

Finally, if all the solutions we mentioned so far didn’t worked, you can contact the Instagram support team to report that the Instagram conversation search is not working.

You can find the “Report a Problem” on the Instagram setting or simply write to Instagram at

In case Instagram’s Search in Conversation function doesn’t show up on your app, you may try these easy solutions.

Here are the steps to contact Instagram:

        i.            On your Instagram app, find the “Settings” section.

       ii.            Then, choose “Help.”

     iii.            And find the “Report a problem.”

     iv.            Choose the problem you want to report and explain it briefly.

After doing as we mentioned in the list, you surely overcome your problem, and the search bar will appear on your Instagram. After its appearance, you have to know how to search for the desired text to get the best solution.

Let’s find out how to search for the thing we want on the Instagram search bar.

Instagram chat search not working: How to search?

If your search bar is appearing, but when you search for something, it shows you no result, it might be because of the way you search things on this feature.

To search on Instagram conversation and get the best result, you can pay attention to these tips:

1.    You are not entering the exact phrase

You might forget the exact word or phrase that you sent or received, so try the synonyms or the words that you talked about after or before the exact conversation to reach the dialogue you want!

If a particular keyword doesn’t appear, think of another word that was possibly used in your conversation.

Most likely, the word you typed in the search bar isn’t in the conversation, or it may be written in a different vocabulary.

2.    Your search is too narrow.

If your word is one of the most commonly used ones, or you just search only one letter, that is not the way it’s going to work. Try to search not too short and not too long phrases to get the best result.

These are all the things you can do to fix search in conversation not showing on Instagram. We have mentioned all the solutions so far, so let’s end this guidance here.

To put an end to this topic

The search feature in Instagram Direct is a functional tool for users to find specific messages. If you are facing trouble using this, you can try the tips mentioned above to fix the problem.

Also, we have the summary of the key takeaways for “Instagram search bar not showing,” such as updating the Instagram app, clearing the Instagram cache, checking your internet connection and uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

Finally, if the problem isn’t solved and persists, you can contact Instagram’s support for further support.

If you have any further questions on our chosen topic, you can ask us in the section below to restore search functionality in Instagram DMs.

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