How to Hide My Instagram Account from Search?

Do you want to keep your privacy to the top?                                 

Instagram is a platform that provides security for all its users and, with strict policies, makes sure that everyone is safe with this app. But there are some times that you want to be more private and hide your account from other people.

We want to mention the way that you can create a safer and more private for yourself so you can explore and surface on Instagram with relief!

Some users ask whether they can hide their Instagram account from search? Well, the answer is tricky. But in this article, we want to provide some tips so you can hide your Instagram account from search but in specific situations.

Let’s see if this is possible or not:

Is it possible to Hide an Instagram Account from Search?

Let us be frank and tell you the truth: “You can’t literally hide your Instagram account from all the users in search section.”

But there are other alternative ways that you can do to prevent your account from being shown to others when they search for your username.

Consider if there is a specific Instagrammer that you would like to hide your profile from; you can use one of the options below and do so.

(+5) Tips for removing your Instagram account from search results

As mentioned above, you can’t hide your account from appearing on the search when a user is searching for your exact username. Still, with the tricks that we are going to mention here, you can use these strategies to prevent your Instagram account from appearing in search results.

After making sure that you have set your account to private mode to prevent your Instagram account from appearing in searches, you can:

1.    Change the Username & Profile

If they know your username or they know you by your Instagram profile, you can change them immediately.

If you have set your real name on the Instagram username, you can consider changing it as people who know you might find you faster with only a simple search.

If you want to play Sherlock games on Instagram, make sure you have mentioned nothing of your original identity for creating a username.

To change the username on Instagram, you have to:

1.      On the Instagram surface, spot your profile icon in the bottom-right corner to go to your profile.

2.      Under the bio, you will see the “Edit profile” option.

3.      On the Username section you can type in your new chosen ID.

4.      Then, finalize your changes by tapping on the checkmark.

Now, you have changed your username so that you can get rid of those stalkers. Let’s move to the next solution: remove Instagram accounts from search results.

2.    Turn Off Contact Syncing

If you are only concerned about the familiar users who might have your number and then find your Instagram account, you can turn off contact syncing on Instagram.

As you know, this feature lets your contact find you on Instagram, so it is better to turn it off; to do so, you can:

a)      Click the profile photo at the bottom, then find the three-line menu at the top right of your page.

b)      Select the “Settings and Privacy” option.

c)      In the appeared menu, find and tap on “Account Center.”

d)      You will see Your Information and Permissions; tap on it.

e)      Then, choose the “Upload contacts” section.

f)       Now you can turn off the toggle next to Connect contacts and make it disabled.

This can hide your account from certain Instagram users that have your number.

3.    Disable Suggesting Similar Accounts

If you are wondering why everyone is finding and sending you follow requests, it might not be because of searching your username; the reason might be you have activated suggesting similar accounts.

To turn off suggestions for similar accounts and turn off Instagram search visibility, you should:

a)      As the usual steps you have to head to your profile and tap on the hamburger menu.

b)      Then, choose the Settings options.

c)      Click on the Edit Profile.

d)      There is an option next to Show account suggestions on profiles; you can uncheck this feature.

Finally, you have to submit it to save the changes and then exit.

4.    Deactivate Your Account Temporary

If you want Instagram users to stop finding you on the search results, you can try this method, too.

The only way to make sure that you can hide your Instagram account from search results is if you erase your account! Don’t panic. It is temporary, and it gives you peace of mind.

Let’s see what the steps are to deactivate your account temporarily to hide your Instagram account from search:

a)      Log into the Instagram official web page from a browser.

b)      Click your profile in the top right and then tap on Edit Profile.

c)      After scrolling down, you will find the Temporarily deactivate my account option.

d)      Select an option which explains “Why are you deactivating your account?”

e)      After that, you have to re-enter your password.

f)       Finally, after finishing the process, you can click Yes to confirm and temporarily deactivate your account.

Do not worry; all your data will remain after you have logged in again.

5.    Block & report them

The final option is the most straightforward method to prevent your account from appearing on Instagram search results.

If you know a specific user who checks your account regularly and you want to prevent them from doing so, you can use the block and report option.

While reporting, there is an option that Instagram provides that says: “Stop this account from seeing my profile.” You have to make sure to select that option.

An Important Note: some might suggest that you delete your phone number or email from Instagram, but we never recommend this option since it is not safe, and you might lose your account and never bring it back.

Play Hide and Seek

It might be annoying for some users to be found on search results; this is why we chose the topic “How to Hide My Instagram Account from Search?” and we provided you with some tips and tricks so you can prevent your account from appearing on the Instagram search.

By following the tips outlined in this article, you can successfully hide your Instagram account from search results or stalkers.

All of it is to help you protect your privacy on Instagram and ensure that your content and profile are only seen by the people you want.

If you have other concerns, please address them in the comment section so we can answer them right away.

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