How To Put a Countdown on Instagram?

As you might know, the most important task before sharing any content on Instagram is to let your users know that you want to share an important post or reel today.

If you have plans to share a reel that you put so much effort into and you want to make sure most of your followers will see it, one of the features that come to help is the Instagram countdown.

For this, you have a handy and amazing feature on Instagram that the app has provided, and it is called the “Countdown” Sticker.

In this article, we want to know how to put a countdown on Instagram. This is one of the best Instagram story tools, and it is better to get familiar with it if you have a business account and you are an influencer or a creator.

What is the Countdown Sticker on Instagram?

The Countdown sticker on Instagram is an active and communicating sticker, and it is a tool on the story section that sets a timer on your story and acts like a reminder; it can be set for a full 24 hours, and then it reminds the users that you are sharing a post, or starting a giveaway or anything that you have planned for.

You can use this feature as a generator of excitement and anticipation for your upcoming events, such as product launches, special promotions, or Instagram lives.

If you are interested and want to know how to use this to add a bit of splash of excitement to the story and surprise your followers, let’s learn how to use it.

How to add a countdown timer to an Instagram story for an event?

In this section, we added the easiest steps on how to use the countdown timer sticker on Instagram. We know that once you use this amazing tool, you will never start a big event on your Instagram without the countdown sticker.

To create a countdown timer on your Instagram story, you have to:

1.      Log onto your Instagram account and head to your feed.

2.      Then click on the little blue plus icon near your profile photo in the top left corner of the screen.

3.      Scroll until the toggle is set on the “Story.”

4.      You can choose a photo from your gallery or take one right away that relates to your event on Instagram.

5.      You can also add the post or the reel that you have shared for your great event or introduce your products.

6.      On the story section, where you have added your content or the post, tap on the sticker icon (smiley face) located at the top.

7.      On the pop-up menu, Search for Countdown and tap on it.

8.      You have to add a name to your Countdown; this could be “New Product!” or “Starting the Event.”

9.      Now select the date on which it starts and ends.

10.  Finally, set it by choosing “Done.”

You can also customize your Countdown and give it a special look to your Countdown by the colour wheel and change the sticker colour to any colour.

Do you know what happens after setting the countdown sticker? Let us explain.

How the Countdown Sticker Works on Instagram?

After you set the sticker and share your story, your followers can interact with it and set the reminder to be notified of the special date you have planned.

Your followers can click on the arrow on the top right corner of the sticker and click “Remind me,” and Instagram sends them a reminder when the end date has reached, and the Countdown ends.

What are the benefits of the countdown timer sticker on Instagram?

Now that you have learned how to set the Countdown on Instagram, you can use the tips that are mentioned here to enhance the ability of the countdown feature:

1.    Customize Countdown

As you can see, when setting a timer on Instagram, you can change the colour and match it with the colour code of your logo to give it a special look and engage more followers.

2.    Use the Engaging Visuals

To give a special look to your story, use this feature and give a visually appealing clock design to your content.

3.    Another Notification specialized for your content

When the Instagram countdown reaches the end time, followers who have previously turned on to receive a notification will get a reminder of the event, and they will encourage further engagement.

4.    Promote your events straightforwardly.

Creators, influencers, and businesses can effectively use the Instagram Countdown sticker to promote their upcoming events and receive more engagement from their target audience.

5.    Flexibility & Creativity

This useful story tool can be used for a wide range of events, from personal events like birthdays to professional and greater promotions. Instagram countdown sticker adds a touch of excitement and amusement to your Instagram content.

Tips to use the Instagram countdown sticker for online businesses

If you are promoting your business on Instagram and you want to introduce a service or a product on your account, you can use one of these methods to make the most out of your content.

A.     Encourage your followers for early registration for events or webinars early and receive offers:

If you will be hosting an event or webinar, the countdown sticker can be an encouraging tool for pre-registration and getting a discount. Set the Countdown and incentivize your followers to sign up sooner to get 20% off on anything that is going to be present.

B.      Promote flash sales or limited-time discounts:

Use the Instagram countdown sticker to create a sense of urgency for selling your limited products or limited-time giveaways and discounts.

Here are some extra tips for using the countdown sticker for Instagram online businesses:

a)      Write a concise title for your Countdown to represent it better.

b)      Select the right colour for your Countdown that matches your theme.

c)      You can also encourage your loyal followers to promote your countdown sticker by sharing them on their stories.


As an Instagram user, you can operate the countdown sticker more effectively using the upper-mentioned tips to enhance your marketing campaigns and get help to boost your business development.

Overall, the Instagram Countdown sticker is a valuable tool on the story section that can help you enhance Instagram Stories, keep your followers engaged, and promote upcoming and important events.

If you have any other ideas that can be used for the Instagram countdown sticker, you can share them with us in the comments.

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