How to Remove Music on Instagram Story? (Steps & Tips)

Instagram stories, which combine music and graphics to capture moments in time, have evolved into a dynamic canvas for self-expression in the platform’s lively world.

The platform provides an abundance of creative tools, but adding music to stories adds another level of atmosphere and emotion. To better communicate your point, you could, however, choose in some cases to eliminate the musical background from your Instagram story.

We’ll go on a trip to demystify the process of taking music out of your Instagram story in this article, giving you more time to curate content and tell your story in a way that connects with your audience.

Learning them will enable you to create stories that are entirely original, regardless of whether you’ve changed your mind about the soundtrack or just want the images to take center stage.

We’ll present you a detailed walkthrough on how to personalize your Instagram stories and share them with the world without being limited by a preset soundtrack, from tweaking settings to investigating other sound alternatives.

Let’s get started and see how liberating it is to carefully and imaginatively select your story!

A step-by-step guide to removing music on Instagram

It is really easy to take music out of your Instagram story and to continue, we will learn the tutorial that will assist you in completing the procedure:

1.    Launch Instagram

·         In the first step for removing the music on the Instagram story, you need to open the Instagram app on your smartphone.

2.    Get to your Stories

·         In the second step, you should use the Stories camera, so swipe right from your feed or tap on your profile image.

3.    Choose the Narrative with Music

·         In the third step, select the Instagram story that has the song you wish to remove.

4.    Press the Triple Dots

·         In the fourth step it is turn to look for the three dots (ellipsis) icon in the lower right corner of the screen once you’ve launched the article. Usually, this indicator indicates more possibilities.

5.    Select the “More” or “Edit” options.

·         In the fifth step aft, er touching the three dots, a menu will open. From there, choose “Edit” or “More”. This will take you to your story’s editing screen.

6.    Open the Music Settings

·         In the sixth step, look for the music emblem, which is typically a note with notes on it. You can access your story’s music settings by tapping on it.

7.    Modify the audio settings.

·         In the seventh step, you should be able to change or remove the music on an Instagram story from the settings. This option could have a different name depending on Instagram’s interface at the moment. Sort through the settings and look for “Music,” “Volume,” or “Sound.”

8.    Take Out or Modify Volume

·         In the eighth step, You should be able to change the level or remove the music from the story completely using a slider or toggle once you’re in the music settings. To turn off the music, either slide the toggle to the off position or turn the volume down to zero.

9.    Conserve Changes

·         In the ninth step to verify your modifications, search for a “Save” or “Done” option after modifying the music settings. This will update your Instagram story with the changes.

10.Share or Post the Updated story

·         Finally, you can post or share your updated Instagram story without the original music once you’ve saved the modifications.

Keep in mind that the processes or labels may differ somewhat, and Instagram’s UI may change over time. But these broad instructions ought to let you get rid of the music from your Instagram story.

What are the pros & cons of removing music from the Instagram stories?

Instagram stories with music removed may have some advantages and disadvantages for you that are important to know before starting to this act.

So, we listed them below in order to be familiar with better results:


·        Prevent Copyright Violations

Taking the music out of your Instagram story can help you stay clear of any possible copyright violations. Copyrighted music usage without the appropriate licensing might result in content removal requests or legal repercussions.

·        Enhanced Usability

Some users may find it difficult to appreciate content with background music due to accessibility requirements or preferences. You can make sure that a larger audience can understand your story by removing the music.

·        Emphasis on Visual Media

When there is no background music on your Instagram story, viewers are more likely to concentrate on the visual components, which gives you more time to convey your story through pictures and videos.

·        Customization

You may add even more customization to your Instagram story by removing the default music. You have the option of sharing your material silently or experimenting with other sound choices that go better with your images.

·        Personalization

It allows you the freedom to personalize your story’s audio experience. To improve your narration, consider using inventive substitutes like voiceovers, sound effects, or other ambient noises.


·        Diminished Emotional Effect

Storytelling is enhanced, and emotions are evoked by music. The emotional impact that well-chosen music can have on your story could be lost if it is removed.

·        Reduced Involvement

Removing the music from your story can cause visitors who value multimedia experiences to become less engaged or less interested in your content overall. Some people even find stories with music to be visually appealing.

·        Fewer Audio Choices

Although you may turn off Instagram’s default music, the app’s audio features are always changing. Occasionally, removing music from Instagram stories can make it more difficult for you to experiment with the platform’s innovative audio capabilities.

·        Variable Experience

Removing music from a story on Instagram that was originally written with music in mind might make it difficult to follow, especially if the visuals were timed to the beat or tone of the music.

·        Reduced Vivacity

Your Instagram story can get brightness and vitality from the addition of music. Depending on the type of graphics you use, removing it might make your content feel less dynamic or more static.


To sum up, learning how to take music out of your Instagram story is a useful skill that gives you creative power and useful advantages.

Users can overcome the complexities of Instagram’s interface to remove copyrighted music by following the simple procedures listed, which will protect them from future legal problems.

In addition to being compliant, this measure gives authors the opportunity to add unique audio elements to their works, making them more accessible to a larger audience.

The elimination of music from Instagram stories allows users to create stories that capture viewers and provide a distinctive, immersive experience by striking a balance between visual and aural aspects.

Knowing how to remove music on Instagram stories gives you the freedom to do different creative experiments, satisfy varied audience tastes, and adhere to copyright restrictions.

It’s your chance now, my buddy. What musical adventures have you had using Instagram stories? How do you feel about music being taken off Instagram stories?

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