How to See Your Story Mentions on Instagram?

Improving your social media game can be as simple as learning how to see mentions in your Instagram stories.

Tracking who mentions you in their stories is essential for connecting with your audience, controlling your online profile, and creating relationships.

Whether you’re a content producer, a company, or simply an active user, it’s a must. There are a number of methods to uncover these mentions on Instagram, which is famous for its constantly changing platform.

Here are some easy ways to find the stories mentioned and reply to them. That way, you won’t miss a shoutout, mention, or interaction opportunity on one of the most prominent social networks in the world.

So, if you are one of those who are concerned about “How to see your story mentions on Instagram?” be with us during this article.

Viewing mentions in your Instagram stories: step by step guide

The actions that you need to do in order to access mentions in your Instagram stories are as follows:

1.    Check Your Notification History

In order to see your story mentions on Instagram, you need to examine your notification history. Although Instagram does not offer a function that allows you to see all mentions directly, you can examine mentions by scrolling through your notification history, which is where they are often placed.

2.    Visit the “Tagged” Tab on Your Profile

In the second option to see your story mentions on Instagram, the first thing is to find the “Tagged” option located on your Instagram profile by going to your profile. In this section, you will be able to search for stories in which you have been referenced or tagged. In the settings of your Instagram account, under the heading “Photos and Videos of You,” you have the option to either manually or automatically post stories to this page to your account. Any post or story in which you are tagged will be shown here if the setting is set to automatic, and you can curate this material in any way you see fit.

3.    View Your Direct Messages (DMs)

Whenever someone mentions you in their story, you will often get a notice that you have a direct message. See if there are any references in the stories in your direct messages and message requests.

4.    For Hidden Mentions in Stories

You can examine hidden mentions in someone else’s story by opening the story and tapping on the hamburger symbol, which is represented by three horizontal lines located in the upper left corner of the screen. This will allow you to access secret mentions in the story about someone else. First, choose “view story settings” from the list of available choices, and then go to the part that was specified after that.

5.    @mention Sharing Feature

The @mention sharing tool has been available on Instagram since June of 2018 when it was first launched. You have the option to include the picture or video that was shared with you in your own story if someone mentions you in their story. Using this method, you can examine and reshare remarks in a short amount of time.

Take note that these instructions are still applicable in light of the most recent Instagram upgrades. As a result of the platform’s constant upgrades to its features, it is beneficial to be updated about any new changes that may occur.


Last but not least, keeping tabs on Instagram story mentions is an easy way to boost your social media engagement and involvement.

Keep yourself informed about who is mentioning you in stories by checking your notifications, investigating your profile’s ‘Tagged’ page, keeping a watch on your Direct Messages, and making use of the @mention sharing tool.

This will help you stay visible on social media and will also lead to more possibilities for connection and networking.

You can make sure you don’t miss any essential mentions and get the most out of Instagram by keeping up with the newest features and upgrades. Keep in mind that Instagram is a platform that is always changing.

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