How to Watch Someone’s Live on Instagram After It Ended?

In the fast-moving world of social media, the Instagram Live feature has become popular for users, especially influencers and creators, to share real-time experiences and moments with their followers.

Yet, once an Instagram live broadcast ends, it apparently disappears, and you will miss it if you didn’t watch it “Live”. Do you think that there is a way to watch someone’s Instagram Live video after it ends?

The good news is there are ways to access and rewatch the Instagram live videos, even after they have ended.

In this part, we will walk you through the steps to discover the ways of watching Instagram Live videos once the session has concluded, helping you re-experience the appealing moments or catch up on what you missed about your favorite use on Instagram.

No matter if you are a creator, an idol fan, or simply an Instagram explorer, let’s dive into the ways of watching post-broadcast Instagram Live and learn more about its tips and tricks.

Seeing someone’s live on Instagram after it’s over

In this part, we will discuss more about the ways a user can see someone’s life on Instagram after it’s over.

It has simple steps, and there is no need for third-party apps or doing something extraordinary to have access to those lives.

Here is the list to view Instagram Live after it disappears:

1.    Visit their Instagram account

If you wished to watch someone’s live on Instagram, but you were too busy to remember it, you have 24 hours to rewatch it and enjoy the content.

How? Just head to their account and check their profile picture. If it had a little “play icon” on it, you are lucky since they have saved the live stream for busy users like you.

The steps are mentioned here:

·         First, Open your Instagram app and head to the Explore section.

·         Second: On the search tab, write the user’s account that you wish to see live, and tap on enter.

·         Third: Tap on their account and view their profile picture, which should be in a purple circle.

·         Fourth: Tap on their profile photo, and if a pop-up appears, tap on “see the live” to bring you where you are waiting.

This is the most convenient way of accessing expired Instagram live content. Let’s find out about the other one:

2.    Check if they have posted their live as a Reel (only if the account type is business or creator)

Some users might save their lives as a post on their account. In this case, you can easily visit their account and find their live to rewatch it. What are the steps?

Just follow the guidance below to watch old Instagram live broadcasts:

·         After operating Instagram, you have to search for the user’s account on the search bar (as mentioned before).

·         And then look for the live in their profile. If you can’t find the live in the post sections, you can simply tap on the reel section, and it might be saved there.

The last way to view Instagram Live after it disappears is mentioned below:

3.    Head to the user’s Instagram story section

This way is related to the last method of rewatching Instagram lives. If a user saves their live as a reel or shares it as an Instagram story and highlights the content, you can access the stream in the highlight section.

To access past Instagram live streams, you can search the highlights of a user and look for words like lives and such things. If you know what was the topic of the live, you can search the related highlights.

4.    Discover reposted content on other pages.

Occasionally, fans or loyal followers may repost some parts of a user’s live video on their Instagram profiles.

For instance, if Taylor Swift or Neymar goes live on Instagram, the fans will definitely record it from the beginning to the end. Searching their account to find a track of the past live stream.

You can explore the parts of the live by using relevant hashtags or checking the user’s tagged content.

5.    Contact the user

If you have sent messages to the Instagram user and they have responded, you can use this method.

It might seem a desperate one, but it might solve your problem. Just send a direct message and ask about their live stream; they might be kind enough to answer whether they have saved it or not.

Hopefully, you can see someone’s life on Instagram after it’s gone.

As has been shown

While Instagram Live streams are intended to be temporary, you can find tricky ways and methods that may help you view someone’s Instagram live video after it has ended.

Reaching out to the user, looking for their Stories Highlights, or exploring reposted content on their fan page or the explore section can provide opportunities to rewatch the Instagram live you have missed.

Just consider the fact that the availability of these options depends on the IG live streamer’s decisions and preferences.

As an Instagram user, it is better to stay tuned about the features and policies of this platform, which are changing over time.

Stay informed about the newest updates from the Instagram team to enhance your experience while exploring.

Now let me ask you whether you know any other ways to watch someone’s live on Instagram after it ended.

Please share your ideas in the comments so we can add them to the content so others can use it, too.

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