Copy Bio Instagram

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How to copy the Instagram bio by using the Peakinsta tool?

Copying someone’s Instagram bio is the easiest and most legal. So, do you want to copy someone’s bio on Instagram?

Just follow the steps below:

Step 1

Launch Instagram on your mobile device.

Step 2

To get a user's shareable link, visit their profile.

Step 3

A button with three dots at its upper right invites you to continue.

Step 4

Select the URL and right-click to copy it.

Step 5

Launch the web browser now.

Step 6

Copy and paste the URL into the search bar to begin your investigation.

Step 7

The person's details, including their biography, will now be shown.

Step 8

You are free to cut and paste it anywhere you choose.

What is the Instagram bio copy?

Bios for videos and photos posted on Instagram can be easily copied using the Peakinsta tool.

It should be noted that’s Instagram bio copy service does not cost anything. The nicest feature is that signing up for an account or logging in anytime is unnecessary.

So, have you ever wanted to copy the bio of Instagram but were unable to because the Instagram app doesn’t support copying on your Android or iPhone?

So here is the best place to learn about the Peakinsta Instagram bio copy tool if you want the best results. It’s of great use!

Copy Bio Instagram

Why should you choose the Peakinsta tool to copy your Instagram bio?

Instagram has many features to use, and users share millions of data, many of which you may want to save and copy, one of which is bio. As mentioned above, Instagram doesn't let you download and save any data on your device. Recognizing this need, Peakinsta introduced the Instagram downloader to let you copy your preferred Instagram bio.

It's a Top Pick!

This app copies Instagram bio in formats that are frequently used and supported. Using the Peakinsta tool, you can easily copy your Instagram bio and start immediately.


There is no limit to how frequently you can copy Instagram bio. Here, everyone is free to act whichever they like.

100% cost-free for usage anytime & wherever.

A credit card or debit card is required for all purchases. However, you can copy Instagram bios using this free tool.

No login is required for access

No signup or account creation is required to complete the operation on the site.

Uses a Double-Click Action

You can copy a user bio on Instagram with only two clicks. It's easier than you may assume.

Join the other users utilizing this Profile now and use the Copy Bio Instagram Download service.


The Peakinsta tool makes it simple to get a copy of anyone’s Instagram bio copy and save it.

Yes. No credit card or other payment details are required for this service, and it is completely free.

Yes. This tool is an Instagram bio copying tool that takes one or two clicks to use, so do not worry at all.