If you are a regular male user and you are on Instagram only for the reasons that we mentioned in the first place, you might sometimes wonder if it is acceptable to follow women on Instagram.

To answer this question, you need to consider some facts. We mean, following females on social media is all about the intention behind it and how it is carried out. But girls and females won’t think of this notification too much since it is regular.

To know more about whether it is weird to follow girls on Instagram etiquette, read this guidance below because if you have any questions, you will find the answers in this article.

Is it strange to follow females on Instagram?

Following girls on Instagram tips are mentioned here for you if you have second thoughts on the matter.

All in all, men following women on Instagram is not weird in our idea. You can follow them and even have interactions such as liking and commenting on their content.

But if you are mindful of these tips and suggestions, you will show a better face on social media and especially Instagram platforms. So, let’s see what are those.

What are the Instagram following behaviors for men?

Men’s Instagram interests range greatly from sports and fitness to gadgets and vacations. Men’s interactions and choices in following accounts on the network are heavily influenced by their tastes and interests.

So, let’s go to be familiar to continue:

1.    Intentions

The first and foremost tip that you have to make clear is intention. If your purpose is to connect with someone because you share common interests, appreciate their work, or want to engage with their content, it’s commonly not weird to follow girls, and above that, it is completely normal.

2.    Relationship

Following relatives, neighbors, or other familiar faces is fine if you know they are okay with it. If you know a person in your real life, like a friend or colleague, sending a follow request is perfectly normal.

3.    Public Profiles

In this case, it is easier. If the Instagram user you wish to follow has a public Instagram profile, they are likely to expect and are open to receiving followers from a wide range of people, including those they don’t know in person. In this case, it’s also not considered strange at all.

4.    Respect

Not only for following girls on Instagram but for all, it’s imperative to be respectful and thoughtful in your interactions. It is accurate for both sides and not only men. Avoid sending unwanted direct messages too much, and don’t make inappropriate or embarrassing comments. You should not engage in any behavior that could be perceived as any act of harassment.

5.    Common Interests

Just because you are following a lady on Instagram, you should not consider you are doing something creepy or weird. Suppose you’re following someone because you honestly share common interests, such as hobbies, a particular field of study, or a mutual love for a special kind of music or artist. In that case, this can make the follow more meaningful, and it is not seen any other way.

6.    Permission

If a female has a private profile, it’s vital to respect their privacy. Sending follow requests over and over or messaging them to accept your follow request is not moral. Acting like this to someone with a private Instagram account without their consent might be considered disturbing. This tip can be considered as an Instagram following norm for guys.

7.    Validity

At first, make your account more like yours and not sound like a fake account. Ensure your Instagram profile is genuine and characterizes your real interests and identity. This would be helpful in conveying your genuineness and honesty when following someone, especially girls, on Instagram.

8.    Is she a crush? Be careful!

In this case, things might be different! Whether she knows you or you have talked, or does she even show that you like her? All of this matters too much. But if she does not know that you have a slight crush on her, it is okay to send a follow-up request to her. Just don’t do anything to make it sound creepy, and observe the points that we mentioned here.

Following girls on Instagram guideline help you to be a decent guy on social media as you naturally are and helps you to make better and clearer interactions with female on the Instagram app.

As a result

In conclusion, following a girl on Instagram, or anyone else that you know or don’t know, is not naturally strange and weird as long as your motives are authentic, respectful, and in line with Instagram’s guidelines.

Even considering the tips we mentioned here will aid you to look more of a gentleman and make interacting with you even more enjoyable.

You must preserve a sense of respect for the person’s privacy and limitations, as well as engage in pleasant and meaningful interactions on the Instagram application.

Many of us follow each other because we have seen something interesting in their Instagram content.

So don’t take it too hard on yourself for following females on social media; and do not overthink it, and go with the flow.

Now that all is said and done, please share your thoughts on this question: Is it weird to follow a girl on Instagram?

Please be honest and share more tips and Following etiquettes with us in the section below.