How to change the photo shape in your Instagram story?

Now more than ever, people are turning to Instagram Stories to broadcast their everyday activities, thoughts, and creations to their followers.

While it’s simple to include photos in your Stories, the default square form may not always work for the photos’ content or your aesthetic goals.

Fortunately, Instagram provides a number of creative options, including the ability to alter the aspect ratio of your Stories photos.

In this post, we’ll show you how to change photo shapes in an Instagram story by cropping and rotating your photos into unique shapes.

Changing photo shape in Instagram story step by step

Without a doubt! The following is an in-depth tutorial that will walk you through each step of changing the picture shape that appears in an Instagram story:

·        Step 1: Open Instagram & access stories

Go ahead and fire up the Instagram app on your mobile device. To use the Stories camera, either tap your profile image in the upper left corner of the screen or swipe right from your feed.

·        Step 2: Capture or select a photo

Tap the shutter button to take a new picture, or swipe up to access your phone’s photo bank and choose an already taken picture.

·        Step 3: Add the photo to your story

When you choose a picture, it will show up on the canvas, where you can add your story.

·        Step 4: Change the photo shape

–          Click the sticker symbol at the top of the screen to apply a new shape to your picture. Like a square smiling face, it conveys joy.

–          Go to the sticker menu and choose “GIFs.”

–          The search box is a great place to look for phrases like “frame,” “shape,” and “cutout.” Different artistic frame configurations will be shown.

–          Select the desired picture shape or frame. Adjust the size and placement to make it seem great in your picture.

–          After making your desired adjustments to the frame, you may apply them by tapping “Done” or an empty area of the sticker menu.

·        Step 5: Customize your story

Instagram now gives you more creative control over your Stories with the addition of a brand-new picture shape. Customize your photo with a personalized caption, a sticker, an emoji, or a hand-drawn addition.

·        Step 6: Share your story

After you’ve finished arranging your photos artistically and giving your tale a final polish, you may announce it to your fans. To share your work with the world, click the “Your Story” button.

What are the important tips about how to change photo shape in the Instagram story?

Changing the shape of a picture in an Instagram story can be accomplished by following these helpful guidelines:

1.      Try with different Instagram frames; the app comes with a broad selection of different styles. Try out a few until you discover one that works well with your picture.

2.      Make sure the form or frame you choose complements your story’s subject matter. Don’t choose a form that detracts from what you’re trying to say or show.

3.      You may obtain the required effect by resizing, rotating, and repositioning the form or frame. Spend some time getting the angle just right.

4.      Make sure that the shapes or frames of the photographs you include in your tale are consistent with one another. This results in a unified and aesthetically pleasing narrative.

5.      While it’s exciting to include many themes in your tale, it’s important to avoid overwhelming your readers. Your tale may become unreadable if you use too many stickers, shapes, or text.

6.      Make sure your Instagram account’s style and the message you wish to express are suitable for the shape or frame you choose.

7.      The appearance of a form may change depending on the screen size and device used for testing. Make sure your post appears correctly on a variety of devices before you release it to your audience.

8.      Don’t be scared to let your imagination go wild. Create your own one-of-a-kind story by combining shapes, coloring them in, and adding text.

9.      Make a copy of a format or shape that you use regularly and store it as a template for future usage. As a result, future story development will go more quickly.

10.  Interact with Your Viewers: Incorporate questions, polls, and other interactive features into your artistically formed photographs to further connect with your viewers.

Keep in mind that Instagram is always making improvements and releasing new versions, so the process and choices for modifying picture shapes in stories may change in the future.

In order to get the most out of your storytelling ability, you should use the most recent Instagram features.

What are the pros of the changing photo shape in the Instagram story?

Changing the picture form in an Instagram story can have positive effects, depending on the particular objectives and preferences you have set for the account.

The following is an outline of some of the benefits of changing the photo shape of an Instagram story:

1.      Benefiting Your Creativity Attempting New Visual Forms Is Much More Fun When You Can Alter the Photo’s Outline. Your tales will stand out from the crowd if you give them a personal touch.

2.      Using altered picture shapes, you may call attention to crucial details in your narrative. You may utilize shapes to draw attention to the most vital aspects of your product, audience, or message.

3.      Aesthetic Enhancement: Using a variety of shapes may greatly improve the visual appeal of your writing. This might help your material seem more consistent with your brand or individual taste.

4.      Your stories will have more depth and dimension. Stories don’t have to be told in a certain shape, and adapting to a variety of formats may improve storytelling.


To sum up, if you want to add some flair to your Instagram story, try experimenting with different picture shapes, and maybe you need to change the photo shape in your Instagram story.

Instagram has a number of tools to help you get the desired aesthetic, whether you want to add a frame, highlight a certain piece, or just experiment with various shapes.

Create a visually beautiful story that captures your audience and makes your Instagram content stand out by following the step-by-step approach and thinking about the crucial ideas offered about changing photo shapes in Instagram stories.

If you want to become better at creating stories on Instagram, it’s important to remember that the app’s features are always evolving, so you should always be on the lookout for new ones.

Now, you tell us what is your ideas and experiences about how to change the photo shape in your Instagram story.

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