Why Does My Following Count Keep Changing on Instagram?

Insightful questions like “Why Does My Following Count Keep Changing on Instagram?” probe the continuously shifting character of Instagram interactions and other social media platforms.

The mysterious shifting following count that many users encounter will be uncovered in this investigation.

We’ll take a look at the algorithms and user actions that lead to these changes, including things like Instagram’s rules for handling spam accounts and inactive accounts, as well as unfollows and account deactivations.

By delving into the reasons for changing Instagram followers over time, this research seeks to shed light on the sometimes confusing realm of social media analytics.

What does it mean to follow & follow on Instagram?

When referring to the relationships that exist between users on Instagram, the phrases “following” and “follower” are used.

·         Instagram following feature: What an Instagram user has decided to follow is called their “following” list on Instagram. Instagram posts, stories, and updates from accounts you follow will show up in your feed. By doing so, you may stay abreast of their content. You can see the total number of accounts you are following on your profile under the ‘Following’ section.

·         Instagram follower feature: Someone who has decided to follow your Instagram account is called a follower on Instagram. All of your updates, stories, and posts will be visible to your followers on their feeds. How many individuals have chosen to follow you because they are interested in what you have to say? That’s how many followers you have. You can see how many people are following you by looking at the ‘Followers’ count on your profile.

What are the reasons for changing Instagram followers?

Can you confirm that you saw the following statistic on Instagram? From time to time, we may forget the exact amount since we become engrossed in the count.

But if you’re sure about the tally, we have to convey these modifications to you on your account.

So, what are the reasons behind changing Instagram followers? Let’s see!

1.    User Unfollows

The most typical cause of a drop in the number of people following the Instagram account is when people decide to stop following that account and this fact is the factor in changing Instagram followers.

2.    Account Deactivations

The second reason for changing Instagram followers is account deactivation. So, your following count will be reset if an account you were following is deactivated. This may happen when the user or Instagram decides to remove an account from their system, usually as a result of policy infractions.

3.    Instagram’s Clean-up Activities

As part of its routine maintenance, Instagram deletes accounts that it determines to be spam, bots, or otherwise not legitimate.

The number of accounts following you decreased if any of them were doing so, and this can be the third reason for Instagram following count fluctuations.

4.    Privacy Settings Changes

Someone you’re following may suddenly vanish from your list of people to follow if they choose to make their account private, and you aren’t allowed to be their follower.

In order to do this act, you face a decrease in your following count, and Instagram following count fluctuations happen.

5.    Account Bans or Suspensions

You will no longer be able to follow accounts that have been banned or suspended from Instagram due to violations of their rules of service. So, if this happened, maybe you would see the Instagram Following count fluctuations.

6.    Glitches & Bugs

Follower numbers can change from time to time on Instagram due to brief difficulties in the Instagram app or issues with the server.

7.    Follower Behavior Changes

The seventh reason for changing Instagram followers is that users may unfollow accounts that do not match their interests anymore as part of their regular cleaning up of their following list to keep it relevant.

8.    Shadowbans or Algorithm Changes

Accounts might become less visible due to shadowbans or algorithm changes on Instagram, which are the most important reasons for Instagram following count fluctuations, which can cause some people to unfollow you.

9.    Accidental Unfollows

The last cause of Instagram following count fluctuations is the accidental action by the followers. Users can inadvertently unfollow an account if they aren’t careful or if they don’t fully grasp how the software works.


Instagram’s follower count fluctuation is the result of a complex interplay between user actions, Instagram’s corporate regulations, and technological considerations.

Your following count could fluctuate for a variety of reasons, such as accounts being unfollowed by users or Instagram taking action against inauthentic activity.

These variations are inherent to Instagram and should not be interpreted as an indication of the quality or popularity of your material.

By delving into the mechanics of these shifts, users may keep their social media interactions in context and concentrate on genuine engagement rather than vanity metrics.

The quantity of followers is less important than the quality of interactions and content when it comes to the success and expansion of your Instagram presence.

So, our dear reader, did you face changing your Instagram followers? What were the reasons for this change on your Instagram account?

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