Why is my Instagram showing 0 followers?

Instagram, this popular platform, is now a big part of our lives, and no one can deny it. From the simplest activities like asking about our friends to the more important ones like managing our business accounts, this great app speaks first.

The number of followers on your Instagram account not only represents your reach but also holds a mirror of your online influence.

So, when you wake up one day, log into your Instagram account, and find that your follower count has oddly dropped to zero, it can be a confusing and concerning experience and called a glitch in the number of followers.

In this exploration, we investigate the reasons why Instagram is showing 0 followers and provide insights into the common reasons behind this phenomenon.

Let’s unravel the mystery and discover how to restore your follower count and maintain a vibrant Instagram exploration. Let’s see the reason behind all of this.

What are the reasons Instagram shows 0 followers?

There are so many reasons for that, and here we have provided a list of them for your concern. Please go through them and find your account’s problem.

1.    An Instagram glitch

Many users have been reported that zero followers displayed on their Instagram. It might be a temporary glitch.

Instagram occasionally experiences technical glitches and bugs. The issue might be temporary and could be resolved by simply refreshing your app or logging out and logging back in. Or you can clear the Instagram cache to fix the bugs.

2.    Violating Instagram’s terms of service

The other reason for Instagram showing 0 followers might be from the Instagram team itself. If your account was found to violate Instagram’s terms of service, it may have been deleted or suspended.

This would result in a 0-follower count. There is a reason that might cause this to your account; it might be because of not used your Instagram account for a long time, and your followers may have unfollowed you, leading to a 0-follower count.

Suppose you are using too many invalid third-party apps. In that case, Instagram might detect you as a bot and periodically remove bot or spam accounts, which could reduce your follower count to zero.

3.    Network issues

Sometimes, network issues can cause inaccurate follower counts on Instagram. Ensure you have a stable internet connection.

You can disconnect and reconnect your network, whether it is Wi-Fi or mobile data, and make sure everything is on track.

4.    Instagram needs & updates.

Dated Instagram versions might sometimes display incorrect information. You just have to ensure your app is updated to the newest version to prevent showing zero followers on your Instagram account.

5.    Taking too many actions within the time limit.

Take this into consideration that you might also have taken so many actions at once!

Liking, commenting, or following others on Instagram has a limit per hour and day, and if you cross that, Instagram might temporarily limit your actions! You can wait for another two weeks and let Instagram solve the problem itself.

How to fix Instagram showing 0 followers?

There is no doubt that the Instagram team is working non-stop to keep this app in its best version. But some things might help you when you see a bug on Instagram.

As mentioned above, there are 5 reasons for the problem of 0 followers on Instagram, and to solve them, you can:

1.      Clear your Instagram cache, refresh your app, or log out and log back in.

2.      Stop using third-party apps to prove Instagram you are not a bot, or start interacting with other followers.

3.      Check your network connection and make sure you have a stable one.

4.      Update your Instagram app to the latest version.

5.      Another solution for all of these reasons is to uninstall and reinstall your Instagram app to solve the 0-follower count. (Make sure you remember your password.)

An Instagram tip!

If someone has blocked you on Instagram or they have restricted you from viewing their Instagram profile, in this case, the number of their followers would be zero.

As you already know, you can also block someone or restrict them and stop them from viewing your profile.

We have other bugs on Instagram, too, like: “No Posts Yet” Glitch. It is also an internal bug and one of the issues that Instagram followers reported having.

To end this conversion

There are two types of users on Instagram. The first type is those who pay attention to Instagram metrics and numbers, and the second is those who are active on this platform only to have access to other people and make deeper connections with their friends and do not care about the number of followers.

Instagram is for all rage of people, and everyone can enjoy this incredible platform. But this app sometimes gives us a serious heart attack!

As the title represents, you might experience, out of a sudden, Instagram showing 0 followers on your account, and you don’t know the reasons behind it.

There are 4 reasons and, consequently, 4 solutions for that, and we mentioned all of them in this article. Now, please tell us about your experience on Instagram.

Has Instagram ever shown you 0 followers on your account?

What are the other explanations behind Instagram followers not showing?

Is it scary to abruptly lose followers on Instagram?

Please share your thoughts and experiences on this matter in the comment section.

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