Why Someone Followed Me on Instagram, but I Didn’t Get a Notification?

Some Instagram users ask: “Why am I not getting follower notifications on Instagram?”

And the answer depends on lots of things, such as not enabling push-up notifications on your phone or the Instagram settings.

In this guidance, we are trying to mention all the issues that relate to Instagram follower notifications not working and address their solutions for you.

In the vibrant world of social media, maintaining a connection with your Instagram followers is crucial for building engagement and growing your reach.

Thus, Instagram offers a plethora of features to ease this connection, and one of them is a follower notification system.

These notifications, when they pop up, alert you and keep you informed about a user who decides to follow and join your community of Instagram.

To know how to make sure you get Instagram follower notifications, read the text below:

How to fix Instagram not showing follower notifications?

As you know, there are some reasons that you might not get Instagram push notifications. Push notification on Instagram is the name for the messages that alert your phone and inform you about the latest happenings on the social media platform.

In this part, we try to look at some common reasons for Instagram notifications not working and provide you with practical, simple solutions.

1.    Check your phone’s notification settings.

This can happen for Android and iPhone users. To make sure everything is alright with your Instagram push-up notification.

If you’re not seeing Instagram notifications while someone follows you and want to solve this matter, just do as steps below:

·         Instagram not receiving followers’ notifications on iPhone

1.      head to your Settings and find the settings app.

2.      Then, find the Notifications.

3.      In the Notification Style tab, scroll to find Instagram and tap on it.

4.      Now, you can turn on the notification using the slider next to Allow Notifications. The slider should be green.

·         Instagram is not receiving followers’ notifications on Android

1.      Open the “Settings” icon on your screen, then find the “Apps & notifications” section.

2.      Scroll until you see the Instagram app and choose it from the list of apps.

3.      Find Notifications, then enable All Instagram Notifications using the slider (which should be blue and white)

Now, let’s move to the other solutions to remedy Instagram follower notification issues.

2.    Check Instagram in-app notification settings

The other important source for checking Instagram notifications is within the app.

To turn on push notifications within the app, you can take the simple steps below:

1.      Head to your Instagram app on your device.

2.      Then click on your profile in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

3.      Find the menu, which is in the three lines in the top-right corner.

4.      On the pop-up menu, select the “Settings” section, then hit “Notifications”.

5.      You can see all the recent notification settings for your account.

6.      Navigate into each sub-section and select any push notifications you want to enable for a fully customized and smooth experience on this app.

If this doesn’t work, we have 3 solutions remaining; do not be worried.

3.    Clear your Instagram App Cache

Clearing the Instagram cache might be helpful to enable all the features that are facing problems to operate. This section is totally different for iOS and Android users.

If you are an Android user, follow these steps:

1.      On the “Settings” part of your device, navigate to the “Battery and device care” tab. Then select you have to choose “Storage.”

2.      In the “Apps” sub-section, search for Instagram.

3.      Tap on “Storage” to see the space that Instagram is currently using.

4.      Now you can Clear the Cache and delete the Instagram cache.

This makes some space free for Instagram to operate and function better. Now, iOS users have to follow these steps:

1.      On your iOS device, you can find the Settings section.

2.      Then head to the General sub-section and find iPhone Storage > Instagram.

3.      You can select “Offload App” or “Delete App,” which will delete the cache, and then you can install it again.

But you have to remember your Instagram password so as not to lose your account.

4.    Uninstall & reinstall the Instagram app on your phone

This section can be mostly for Android users. Since iPhone users can’t easily omit the cache straightforwardly, they already have to uninstall and reinstall the app.

But on an Android device, if deleting the cache is not practical, you can use this method to make Instagram function better and fix Instagram follower notifications.

5.    Have an Internet connection check.

There might be an issue with your internet connection that has caused trouble with your notification and prevented you from receiving an Instagram follow notification.

You can disconnect and reconnect to your WIFI, and if your internet issue persists, contact the internet service provider. Switch to your Phone Data if Wi-Fi doesn’t seem to respond on your phone.

6.    Be aware of the “Do Not Disturb” feature or “Low Power mode” on your phone!

If you have enabled the features mentioned above, it might affect receiving notifications, not only for Instagram but also for other apps.

It is worth noting that Instagram has a feature called “Do Not Disturb,” but it only affects the direct section, and it does not affect the notification for followers.

Low power mode, or do not disturb, is available on both iPhone and Android devices, which silences all notifications. To disable them, you can use this guidance.

At first, android users have to pay attention:

·         Same as always, head to the Settings section and find the Connections

·         Find and select Data Usage; from here, go to Wi-Fi Data Usage.

·         Here, if you search for Instagram, you can find “Allow background data usage” and turn it on.

Now it is time for iOS devices; if you are not receiving Instagram follow notifications, make sure the Low Data mode is off as below:

·         On your phone’s “Settings,” find and tap on Cellular.

·         Then, hit the Cellular Data Options.

·         And look for Low Data Mode.

·         The feature should be off.

These are all troubleshooting ways for Instagram follower notifications not received, and I hope you find one of them useful.

They will definitely work for you and help you to receive notifications when someone follows you on Instagram.

The last speech

Make sure you won’t miss out on engagement opportunities by addressing Instagram follower notifications not showing up.

By following the above-mentioned simple steps and solutions that we have provided, you can effectively resolve Instagram notification issues and stay connected with your followers.

Please tell us which solution you used to address Instagram follower notifications not working. We are waiting for you in the comments section.

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